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Business Incentives

Please contact EDC staff if you have any questions regarding what incentives are applicable to your business.  


​All of Lake County is an Enhanced Enterprise Zone, giving tax credits from 3-10% on equipment and personal property purchased for businesses, a $2,500 credit per employee that is hired, up to $50,000 for rehabilitating vacant commercial buildings and much more. Further details can be found here.

Most of Lake County is an Opportunity Zone (OZ). This is a means of investing deferred capital gains from another sale (business, stock, home, etc.) into a project in our OZ area. If you hold it for 7 years or more you will pay 15% less on the gain, but if you hold the investment for 10-40 years, you will pay NO capital gains taxes on the new investment. More details can be found here.


A map of our OZ area:​

Opportunity Zone Map

If you’re looking to locate a business in the City of Leadville, you may be able to apply for Tax Increment Financing through the Leadville Urban Renewal Authority (LURA) here

Leadville has a Historic Landmark District, making buildings located within this district eligible for federal and state historic tax credits. Victorian home owner may also be eligible for residential tax credit as well. 

Leadville Historic tax credit information

The State of Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) offers a number of incentives and information to encourage business development and growth. Learn more here

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