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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the Leadville Lake County Economic Development Corporation (LLCEDC)?

The LLCEDC is a countywide, nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization whose primary purpose is to strengthen Lake County’s economic base and increase the standard of living for all of its residents through the retention, expansion, attraction, and development of primary jobs and capital investments.  This includes the promotion of workforce enhancements and business development that provides economic diversification, sustainability and stabilization.


2. What does the LLCEDC actually do?


We assist in all stages of business, from startup assistance, data collection, business plan writing and information about financing resources. We conduct a BR and E program- Business Retention and Expansion interview program to inform our future activities, trainings, and what policies we should be working to change or address. We offer a development concierge program to help subdivision developers understand the incentives, and regulatory structure they will have to deal with as well as community plans and desires. We offer free business trainings (10 for 2019), based off of the most requested topics from local businesses. We also offer a downtown Wi-Fi network, healthcare program (Mountaintop Healthcare) and much more!


​3. Do you have to pay to get help from the LLCEDC?


No, despite being a member-supported organization, anyone that has or is thinking about starting a business in the Lake County, Colorado community is able to receive services from the LLCEDC free of cost. They include development assistance, data, location finding assistance, mentoring, business startup assistance and more.


There are some benefits that you must be an LLCEDC member to enjoy, like participating and being able to offer our low-cost healthcare program, receiving tax credit reminders, our local economy and development reports and reserved attendance at our numerous trainings.


4.  Is the EDC a Chamber of Commerce?


No. The Leadville Lake County Chamber of Commerce already exists and the LLCEDC works closely with the Chamber on many activities and efforts.  The LLCEDC is a public- or community-benefit organization while the Chamber is a mutual- or member-benefit organization.  The LLCEDC’s focus is primarily on long-term programs and efforts that enhance the overall economy and may not have an immediate benefit for members.  The Chamber’s focus is more on immediate programs for its members and may contribute to the long-term enhancement of the overall economy


​5.  Can only Lake County residents and businesses be members of the LLCEDC?


No, Leadville Lake County draws its business strengths not just from local resources, but from surrounding communities as well.  Any individual or organization that has an interest in the economic development of Leadville Lake County and the retention and expansion of businesses within Leadville Lake County is eligible to join the LLCEDC.


6.  What’s in it for me?  In other words, how will I benefit from being a member of the LLCEDC?


Membership benefits are extensive and include…

  • Involvement and decision making in the direction, goals, efforts, and accomplishments of the Leadville Lake County Economic Development Corporation.

  • Ability to enroll in our healthcare program.

  • The ability to reserve seats at any of our trainings.

  • Participation in developing business resources and the small business lending program to further enhance the benefits of the LLCEDC to local businesses as well as other LLCEDC members.

  • Involvement and cooperation in efforts to retain, enhance, and expand the existing business base.

  • Involvement in the promotion, development and enhancement of retail areas to achieve a vibrant shopping, dining, and/or entertainment experience for residents and visitors.

  • Participation in the active cooperation between the county, city and local businesses concerning economic development issues.

  • Development of strategic promotions for local citizen support of businesses located in Lake County.

  • Contributions may be eligible for a state tax credit based on LLCEDC being a designated Upper Arkansas Enterprise Zone Contribution Project ($250 or greater).

As with any organization, the benefits received will likely correspond to the amount of effort and involvement that you as a member are willing to put forth.  Additional benefits will likely be realized by members through networking and the cooperation between local business people, community members, and other stakeholders that will enhance the overall business environment and economic development of  Leadville Lake County.


7.  How much will membership cost, and will I have any decision-making authority?


Membership in the LLCEDC can cost as little as $100 for individuals and $250 for businesses.  There are voting, and non-voting membership levels and in order to have a vote and decision-making ability, the membership level is a minimum of $500 annually.


8.  What are the membership levels and benefits associated with each?


Individual Members:  This provides basic membership in the LLCEDC, invitation to all meetings, use of all LLCEDC resources, and inclusion on the LLCEDC correspondence list.  $100.


Business Members:  This provides the above benefits plus eligibility to be elected to the Board of Directors, for the Mountain Top Healthcare program and up to a 25% Colorado State Tax Credit.  $250.


Voting Members:  This provides the above benefits plus one (1) vote toward the election of the Board of Directors.  Dues start at $500 and can be increased by increments of $500 to add additional votes to a maximum of five (5) votes with a contribution of $2,500. 


Donor Members:  This provides all of the above benefits plus an automatic seat on the LLCEDC Board of Directors. Dues: $5,000.


9. How often will I have to renew my membership?


General membership is renewed annually on a calendar year basis, although members can commit to a multi-year investment if they choose.  Membership dues can also be broken into quarterly payments if desired.


10. Who do I contact if I would like to become a member of the LLCEDC?


For additional information, please email the Leadville Lake County Economic Development Corporation staff or call 719/293-2316.

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