Goals & Initiatives

2019 Initiatives


1. Provide business assistance to current and prospective business owners, investors and entrepreneurs through requested workshops and trainings (10 trainings are offered for 2019), data sharing and SCORE (our free, confidential business mentoring program)


2. Improve the business climate and business retention through our BR&E (Business Retention and Expansion) interviews- to identify and quantify opportunities and barriers to local business success – this informs future LLCEDC actions, policy recommendations to state and local governments, LLCEDC programs and training, website resources and business startup assistance


3. Assist with necessary infrastructure development- working to bring additional internet service providers and business internet packages to Lake County to increase our ability for remote workers to conduct business here. Working with Lake County Watershed Advisory Council (WAC) and the County Commissioners on the administration of their water rights for long term leasing to create additional non tax-based revenue sources


4. Assist with property for development- Assisting property owners and existing and future businesses with suitable locations to locate in or expand into via a state-wide GIS-based map and database

Other Initiatives


Mountaintop Healthcare Program- Launched a new healthcare alternative in 2019 offering preventative and major medical coverage for LLCEDC members at dramatically lower rates than other alternatives.

Development Concierge- Started in 2018 to inform major subdivision and commercial developers about the development process in Leadville and Lake County as well as to provide resources and information on plans, data, available incentives and community needs.

Other LLCEDC activities:


Affordable Housing- We participate in the Housing Coalition and Housing Implementation Team, the High-Country Workforce Collaborative (with Summit, Eagle and Lake County government officials, non-profits and major employers to increase supports for our large commuting workforce.

Workforce Development- We offer non-credit training courses with Colorado Mountain College based off of input from local businesses and major employers on their greatest needs, as well as work to expand local job creation.

Recreational Tourism – We assist the Lake County Tourism Panel with grant applications (like for their new 5-year marketing plan in 2018 and implementation dollars to act on the plan in 2019 that were received) and other assistance like the successful application for Leadville to host the 2020 Snowshoe National Championships.

Status on the 2016 Strategic Economic Development Plan


Primary Recommendations


Develop workforce housing through participation in the Workforce Housing Coalition and the Housing Implementation Team facilitated by Lake County Build A Generation on projects and policies at the city and county level to deliver affordable units for local workforce housing. Working with UCD (University of Colorado Denver) graduate students who selected Leadville as their project area to design and develop a master plan for an affordable development on one of three selected cites from the EPS housing study.

Develop an airport industrial park by assisting Lake County and the engineering firm that is designing the Lake County Industrial park as well as working with prospective business tenants to ultimately occupy the park.

Enhance historic downtown by working alongside the Leadville Mainstreet Program and Tabor Opera House Preservation Foundation. We are also working with several new and prospective property owners to ensure that they understand and can access historic grants, tax incentives and other funding to assist renovations.

Attract location neutral workers – Since helping to launch the free downtown Wi-Fi network in 2018 to show that redundant broadband options exist locally, we’ve been working with local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to offer more affordable business-specific internet packages. Working with the Trails Coalition and LCOSI (Lake County Open Space Initiative) on recreation and conservation areas and amenities, which has shown to be important to Location Neutral workers.

Focus on recreational tourism by working to submit applications for events to bring additional tourists are lower visitation times. Applied for and received implentation grant funds to act on the 5-year tourism plan. EDC Director continuing to attend monthly tourism meetings.


Status of Progress on the Strategic Economic Development Plan


Secondary Recommendations


Annexation of city property – participating in discussions with city and county officials and planning and zoning boards on how to ensure that proposed or newly annexed areas are beneficial to both the city and county.

Restore the Tabor Opera House – writing letters of support and participating in stakeholder interviews aimed toward ensuring long term funding for the Tabor Opera House Preservation Foundation.

Support the development of a resort hotel – Continuing to work with investors on opportunities to develop a resort on the North side of Leadville.

Develop the area known as Poverty Flats by working closely with the Leadville Railyard developer connect with additional funding and attracting commercial tenants.

Increase utilization of the Mt. Massive Golf Course and Ski Cooper by joining the golf course board and working on year-round projects including their new grooming and restaurant, as well as their water issues and future plans to increase their sustainability. For Ski Cooper, it has meant working on transportation options to increase options for tourists and locals to use the area.