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Mountain Top Healthcare

A program for LLCEDC members that's affordable, accessible and effective!


Your step-by-step guide to the Mountain Top Healthcare Program:

1. Be a LLCEDC member in good standing.

  • Businesses, Sole Proprietors, and Individuals (up to 5 employees) can participate with a membership at or above the $250 level. Businesses with 6 or more employees wishing to participate must be at the $500 or greater membership level.

2. Explore the program & plans. Click HERE to explore plan details, coverage specifics, FAQ, Key Terms and real-world savings examples!  

3. Decide if this program is right for you, your family, your employees or your business.

  • If it’s the right fit, continue to step 4

  • If it isn’t, don’t be discouraged – the LLCEDC and our partners are committed to expanding the Mountain Top Healthcare Program. We will continue to pursue more options and ways to fill coverage gaps.

4. Please email to receive MTH application. Once we have verified your membership, a LLCEDC representative will provide next steps to complete enrollment.​ 

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