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Why Support the EDC?

Our Unique Selling Proposition

We are the entity in Lake County, Colorado that offers a one-stop shop for businesses and investors, free of charge, to create a better business climate and greater business success.

1. Because you love this community and want to support opportunities for businesses and individuals to thrive here.


2. Because you want people to be able to access free services (business trainings, business startup assistance, business location assistance and more) locally to start or improve their businesses.


3. Because you know that water, broadband and other modern infrastructure is needed here, and we are the group working to improve it locally.


4. Because you want existing businesses to have a voice and an advocate when they have opportunities to expand or when facing challenges (Our Business Retention and Expansion Program).


5. Because you want more affordable housing for locals to stay locals here.


6. Because you want more businesses recruited to our area and more LOCAL JOBS!


7. Because you want a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs and investors to get information to make wise decisions about their future here (we house the most recent demographic and financial information). 


8. Because you want to be able to have and offer affordable Healthcare to our residents and employees (our Mountaintop Healthcare Program).


9. Because you want local business to be able to expand and still stay here (our commercial property database and Industrial Park development). ​


10. Because you realize that doing something (like being a part of the solution) is far more effective than complaining about the status quo!

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