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Targeted & Emerging Industries

With a strong mining history, Leadville and Lake County has always been closely associated with the mining industry. While Climax Molybdenum Mine is currently open, the mine has a projected closing date of 2038. In preparation for the mine closer, the Leadville Lake County EDC would like to diversify the industries and economic drivers in Lake County. The targeted and emerging industries and markets that are listed below were identified through the current LLCEDC's Lake County Economic Development Strategic Plan and the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade's Colorado Blueprint plan.  

Lake County Economic Development Strategic Plan

Targeted Industry Clusters

  • Location Neutral/Remote Workers

  • Recreation/Adventure Tourism/Hospitality

  • High-altitude Testing

  • Outdoor Experiential Based Education

  • Health and Wellness

  • Film Production

  • Twin Lakes Development

  • Downtown/Mainstreet

  • Housing Development (Workforce)

For more information on any of the clusters listed above please refer to the full strategic plan or contact the LLCEDC to scheduled an appointment with the economic director over the phone or in person.

OEDIT Colorado Blueprint

Lake County, as a part of Region 13 identified the following Targeted or Key Industries:


  • Health and Wellness

  • Tourism and Outdoor Recreation

  • Food and Agriculture

  • Infrastructure Engineering

  • Financial Services


More information on the Colorado Blueprint Process and the Region 13 Report can be found here.

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