Winter Roundtable

Winter UN-Certainty Roundtable

The LLCEDC lead a virtual Roundtable to discuss the winter business uncertainties due to COVID-19.


Download the PowerPoint presentation.

Part of the roundtable discussion addressed issues within the ski industry.

See the Ski Area Guidance document.

Roundtable Q & A's


  • Has Lake County reached higher levels of COVID now vs. March?

  • How do we plan for a COVID stage change?

  • How do we monitor 28-day response period/COVID direction monitoring?

RESPONSE: We are now at 10% positivity rate for the last two weeks.  This is the highest we have been to date in a two-week period.  It is important for each business/entity to make their plans now.  Here is the document that shows what is expected in each level including for each industry.  We are currently in Safer at Home, Level 2, yellow.

The Office of Emergency Management website is updated daily specifically under COVID-19.



  • What resources available for those parents struggling with childcare?

  • Are there any subsidized hiring programs?
    RESPONSE: I am not sure if this question is regarding school aged children or younger students, and for what days/times the childcare is referenced. If it is for school aged children, we are offering the second day support for our school aged children for days they are not in the classroom. The parents can reach out to principals for more information or to sign up. The county is working hard to explore options for early childhood in the future to supplement what the district has been able to provide. I know that care for the young age continues to be an area of need in our community which is why we went to the BEST board this year to request a variance to add two additional preschool classrooms to our new PK/Elementary building for future use.



  • Due to children ski school being eliminated this season, are there any childcare alternatives?

RESPONSE: Regarding alternative childcare, at the moment we don't have any options available.  Given the current, and most likely ongoing circumstances, we may have to rely on parents to seek out other avenues for this service.  We are hoping that families will come together and ski together, kids included!



  • Are there any plans for reinvigorating food delivery? 

RESPONSE:  Delivery would kick back up if level shut down would occur.

  • What are the plans for outdoor dining during winter?

RESPONSE:  Treeline has added additional outdoor seating and enclosed tables with bubbles on the roof.  Plus, heaters and blankets.  Possibly electric blankets and a tent on the front patio.



  • No questions this round

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