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Educational Institutions

There are numerous educational opportunities, ranging from a traditional public school system and post secondary institutions to non-traditional academic learning that incorporates nature, leadership and character building.

Lake County Public Schools

Offering academic learning for pre K and K-12 students, Lake County Public Schools is comprised of three elementary schools, one intermediate school, and one high school. Recently the school division began instituting expeditionary learning for grades K-2, an instructional model that focuses on increasing student engagement and rigorous learning in addition to developing positive school cultures.


Colorado Mountain College

As the country’s highest altitude college campus, Colorado Mountain College-Leadville specializes in outdoor recreation and environmental programs, in a spectacular mountain setting. In addition to Associate of Arts and Associate of Science transfer programs, the campus is known for its Ski Area Operations program and the Natural Resource Management program which specializes in land and water reclamation. Outdoor Recreation Leadership prepares students to work in the outdoor industry, teach or interpret the natural world.

CMC Leadville.png

High Mountain Institute

Founded in 1995, High Mountain Institute prides itself on offering its students an education that combines academics and the natural world. By combining environmental, experiential, and traditional school philosophies, students are given new learning experiences that they can understand and apply to their lives as a whole. Courses included both semester and summer terms.

HMI Leadville.png

Colorado Outward Bound

Since 1976, the Colorado Outward Bound Rocky Mountain program has been based in Leadville, CO. Colorado Outward Bound provides individuals of all ages an opportunity to explore exciting outdoor experiences while moving beyond their daily lives in order to learn more about themselves and their relationships to a larger community. Colorado Outward Bound teaches leadership skills, the value of service, and strength of character.

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